Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby McCabe

I'm a little late on updating this, but here is our little smunchkin at 9 weeks. Dev got to come with me to the ultrasound and see the baby waving its little legs and arms like mad. I wish Ava could have come too, but she was up in Utah. Hopefully next time.
Here is my baby bump at 12 weeks. Looks like I've just popped, right? But no. My very sensitive tummy has been sticking out like this for about 2 months now. Right at 4 weeks it just shot out from its flat(er) state. No muscle memory at all, I'm telling you.
Ava has been really funny about this pregnancy. How do you explain it to a two year old, though?
A few of my favorite moments so far:
  • White eating salad for dinner one night: Me: "Ava, what is in your tummy?" Ava:"Milk." Me:"Oh. What's in Mommies tummy?" Ava:"A baby!! Oh no!! The baby's covered in salad!!!"
  • Me:"Ava, what do you think the baby will be? A boy baby? or a girl baby?" Ava"No it's not! It's just a normal baby!!!" *(what is a normal?!?)
  • Ava:"MOM! I have a girl in my tummy....see!?(as she proceeds to lift up her shirt)." * NO amount of explaining has been able to set her straight on this one.

So far this pregnancy has been easier than the one with Ava. With her I was sick for about 10 weeks, and this time around it has lifted up after about 5. So that has been nice. I'm finally getting my energy back and getting to a lot of projects that have been waiting around. My poor family. It really has been well over a month since they've had a real home cooked dinner, so this last week I've been going a little crazy trying to make up for the lack of meals by cooking something good every night. I hope they'll forgive me ;)

Dev is amazing and hasn't said a word, though. He just finds me whatever I can handle eating and then rubs my RLS plagued legs for the rest of the evening. He has done whatever he can to help and I so appreciate him for it.

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