Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Do you want to make pie?"

Backyardigans are HUGE at our house. Ava loves to watch them, and, I admit, I kind of do too. Dev has even been known to enjoy an episode or two('The masked retriever' is his favorite). The songs can be pretty cute and clever. Not bad for a kids show and it's so age appropriate.

A few weeks ago Ava was watching an episode about two bakers who make pie for the Empress and two ninja's who steal pie from the bakers. After several songs about pie making, booby-trapped ninja's, and the making of the 'Great Pie', Ava was BEGGING me to make some pie with her. So, this Monday for family home evening, we decided to make pie. Little mini personal cherry pies. It may have been the easiest way to make pie ever, aside from baking a frozen one.

Just cut pre-made pie dough into about 2.5" circles(we just used the rim of a drinking cup). Fill the center of one dough circle with cherry pie filling(5-6 cherries) and top with another dough circle. Using your fingers, press the dough together all the way around and place on a cookie sheet. Brush the tops of the pie's with an egg wash(to make them glossy and nicely brown), score the tops with a knife, and bake at 450 degrees for about 7-8 minutes.

Ready to make pie!!!

Prepared to bake with her bowl full of cherries

Actually, she ATE her bowl full of cherries and didn't want the pie afterwards. I would have done the same if I were her.

Patting the dough circles down.

Dev, trying baking out for himself.

Sadly, we did not have eggs so we didn't get the pretty shiny crusts that come with a wash.

Dev got roped into playing "kangaroos" which consists of him lifting and bouncing Ava from surface to surface. Ava LOVES it and I love that I am immune from helping her play it due to weight lifting restrictions. Poor Dev. I think ten minutes of "kangaroos" it equal to an hour of lifting heavy weights. But it makes one very happy Ava.

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